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"We are most delighted to be of service to you and all your guests.Your satisfaction is our success!."

Our Service

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Air catering, providing tools on vessel, transport passenger, crew at the airport.

Taxi Airport

Transport passengers, goods by car, provincial and inter provincial taxi..

Souvenir Shop

Selling duty-free goods, handicrafts, souvenirs.

Advertising at Aiport

Pano Advertising business at Aiport Da Nang..

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    Our Branch office

    “ On 15th December 2013, The Cam Ranh Catering Factory is officially opened at Cam Ranh International
    Airport, Khanh Hoa Province with 2.000 m2 and installed modern equipment. In 2016, with the rapid
    growth of volume and flight which come to Nha Trang. ”

    - Nha Trang Branch

    “ Danang Airport Services Joint Stock Company (MASCO) is handling and producing meals and beverages for various Airlines, including catering uplift to charter flights and VIP flights at Danang International Airport,

    - HeadQuater

    “ Cam Ranh International Airport (Khanh Hoa Province) and Phu Bai International Airport (Thua Thien Hue
    Province), Vietnam.. ”

    - Phu Bai Branch

    Annual report

    Da Nang Airport Services Joint Stock Company ( Sercurity Stock : MAS ) annual Report 2016:

    Annual Report 2016

    VSD would like to notify the record date as follows:
    Issuser's name:
    DaNang Airports Services Joint Stock Company
    Headquarter address:
    Da Nang Internation Airport, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City
    Tel no.:
    Fax no.:
    Securities name
    Share of DaNang Airports Services Joint Stock Company
    Securities code:
    Par value:
    10,000 VND
    Trading Platform:
    Securities type:
    Common Stock
    Record date:

     - Reason and purpose: 2011 Annual General Meeting

    - Execution rate: 01 share – 01 voting right

    - Planned time: 18 May 2011

    Meeting venue: Head office of DaNang Airports Services Joint Stock Company, Da Nang International Airport, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City

    - Agenda:

    + Approval of production and business results in 2010 and 2010 audited financial statements;

    + 2010 profit allocation, fund contribution and dividend payment policy;

    + Approval of production, business and investment plan in 2011;

    + Approval of the report by the Supervisory board;

    + Approval of remuneration policy for the Board of Directors in 2011;

    + Selection of auditing company in 2011;

    + Election of members of the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board, 2nd term (2011-2016);

    + Other issues.

    Depository members (DMs) are requested to check and send confirmation on the accuracy of the list of shareholders having deposited MAS shares to VSD’s Head office.

    Method of confirmation: Original document

    As for members in far places, it is possible to send via fax first and the original document by courier later. In this case, members must register fax number with VSD in writing; and the fax number and time should be available on the faxed confirmation document.

    Deadline for sending confirmation: by 27 April 2011

    If members do not send confirmation document by the above deadline, VSD will consider the list provided to DMs by VSD accurate and confirmed. In case of arising disputes and losses to shareholders, DMs will have to bear all the related responsibilities.

    DMs are requested to fully inform this notice to each investor who has deposited MAS shares at DMs within 3 working days from the date on the notice.


    Air Catering
    Taxi Airport
    Training Driver

    Our Mission

    Since the first day of foundation in 1991, MASCO started with our mission which is enduring. It declares our purpose as an inlight catering company and serves as highest standards: • Quality commitment • Cost effectiveness • Solidarity of employment • Customer Focus While maintaining the leading position in the aviation catering for domestic and international airlines in the central of Vietnam. We also commit to diversify business lines to seize the new development opportunity, avoid dependence on a single source of income and create more values for our shareholders and employees; ..

    Our Vission

    Customer orientation: Providing inflight catering and support services that meet Airlines’ expectation based on the company capabilities & core values -> Solidarity of the labour -> Enhancing the transparency of business activities, customer & shareholder relations-> Sustainable development based on company capacity and core values->Continuous improvement, innovation and quality commitment for products services provided by the Company. Being a leader in inflight catering in middle airports of Vietnam. Staying on service improvement, innovation, and meeting the customers’ requirements to deliver the best services of the company. ..

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