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  • Da Nang International Airport

Established in 1993 , Danang catering enterprise  is a unit of  Danang Airport  Services joint stock Company . Over 20 years of development and growth with proper development orientation and unanimity of leaders and employees , Danang catering enterprise  has grown and expanded its subordinate branches to provide in-flight catering services at Phu Bai and Cam Ranh International Airport , constantly meet any requirement from both local and international customers .


At present, MASCO catering units cover the main international airports in the Central Vietnam:


+ Danang catering enterprise – Danang Int’l Airport

+ Phú Bài catering enterprise – Phubai Int’l Airport

+ Cam Ranh catering enterprise – Camranh Int’l Airport

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Danang Air Catering

Cam Ranh Air catering

Phu Bai Air Catering

Number of employees




Floor area ( Not including a separate office building )

1.500 m2

4.200 m2

800 m2

Distance from kitchen ramp to service area

300 m

800 m

500 m

Currently average production

3.000 meals/day

10.000 meals/day

2.000 meals/day

Average number of flights handled

+ Domestic: 40 flights/ day

+ International: 6 fights/ day

+ Domestic: 20 flights/ day

+ International: 10 fights/ day

+ Domestic: 7 flights/ day


08 high-lift catering trucks

01 mini-van for last minute delivery

08 high-lift catering trucks

03 high-lift catering trucks

01 mini-van for last minute delivery


It is our honour to serve the the following  world-class customers:

  • - Domestic Airlines : Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar, Vietjet ...
  • - International Airlines: Utair, Vietnam Airlines, Azurair, Scat Airlines, Nordwind Airlines ... 

Masco catering services is constantly applying the world  quality management systems. The development of new product design is always maintained in accordance with customers demands ; With the aim of  becoming one of the professional airline catering service providers at airports in Vietnam's central region, Cam Ranh Airport and Phu Bai Airport, meeting requirements of airlines, the company has constantly invested in facilities and modern production lines and also expanded catering factories in Da Nang, Cam Ranh and Phu Bai to meet the increasing demand for service quality improvement.